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The company founder works as an IT professional by day, and has been restoring for 14 years progressing from a CI1 to a CI6. Along the journey each restoring man takes, there are numerous products and inventions he has tried and failed. Coming into the restoration process 14 years ago it was challenging not knowing what to expect and how the restoration process would go. Due to minimal slack skin, restoration began with taping for nearly the 1st year of restoration. After endless hours browsing forums and researching, he landed on 
Ron Low's TLC Tugger which became the chosen restoration product. As most restoring men know, keeping the tugger where it belongs is just as important as the tugger itself. In an effort to eliminate the many steps of shoelaces, safety pins and other restraint methods to prevent the chosen tugging system from falling, he designed underwear to eliminate these concerns while providing the security you need. The underwear provide total comfort whether you are tugging strapped or strapless to reduce friction on all surfaces that might cause the tugger to be knocked loose. With tugging strap allotment, there is no more rubbing or friction of the strap on your leg. Additionally, if your tugger does come off, it is held safely in the pouch avoiding an embarrassing situation that keeps you cool and classy. This pouch can be especially helpful for some pieces and parts that might otherwise be lost when your chosen tugging system does come off.

Tug N’ Wear produces everything you receive from us here in the United States. Each pair is produced by hand and all the cutting, sewing and elastic applications are performed here at our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Offering a truly custom experience, we can tailor to the waist size you need for a perfect fit. We are proud to offer these underwear to the restoring community developed and produced by a restoring man. We welcome feedback or comments that can improve the product based on your experiences. Feel free to contact us at



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