Tug N' Wear
Confidence is Classic


Men's Daytime Restoration Jock

10, 12 or 14 inch Tube Length


Organic Bamboo Cotton and Lycra

Current Color: Charcoal  

1.5 inch Durable Elastic

Leg Band:
.75 inch Durable Elastic


USPS Shipping Rates by Quantity:

1-2 pairs: $5.00
3 pairs and up: $8.00

1-4 pairs: $15.00
5 Pairs and up: $25.00

Choose your Pouch
Enter Waist Size (Inches)

Special Note to TLC Hanger, Foreball, PUD Customers:

Due to the size and weight of these products, we recommend a 12" pouch. This will prevent interference with the effectiveness of the weights or gravity. Choosing a 10" product may restrict the effects of gravity and the proper function of the free weight system.

Notes about Pouch Size:

Since all men are different, if you require a longer pouch we are also offering a 12 and 14 inch pouch.

To verify the size you need, measure from the base of the shaft, to the tip of your tugging system including any rods (TLC-X) both strapped and strapless. Choose a garment that will accommodate the overall length with at least 1" of clearance.

Originally designed around Ron Low’s TLC Tugger products, the underwear also support other devices such as the CAT, DTR, PUD, Foreballs and others.

With over 1000 pairs sold worldwide, we are confident the jock will make your restoration easier with a greater return on your time investment. Custom made in the USA, we tailor each order to your waist size for proper fit. 

Classic Benefits:

  • Ensure that your restoration system is contained within the pouch including any parts that might otherwise be lost  
  • Underwear design eliminates safety pins, shoelaces and other containment methods
  • Designed to support strapped or strapless tugging
  • Reduces friction of a tugging strap against your leg and other surfaces.
  • Breathable Organic Bamboo Cotton reduces heat and sweat buildup for all day wear 
  • Can be worn by itself or with boxers giving the same comfort and privacy your accustomed to. 
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