Tug N' Wear
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Shipping/Lead Time
Our goal is to have your order shipped within 2 weeks or 14 days of your order being received.

As each of our garments is custom made by hand the lead time for shipping the garment may vary based upon current demand. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations as far as quality is concerned, and each order/customer may require more of our time.

If we require more than 14 days to fill your order, you will be notified upon our receipt of that order.

Our goal is to respond to any contact or inquiry within 1-2 business days, should we fall short please make a second attempt. Feel free to use the Contact Us form to ask a question, make a comment or inquiry.


We guarantee your satisfaction and stand behind our products 100%!

Since the garment is intended to function as underwear for restoration and will endure rubbing and friction of various tugging systems, multiple pairs should be purchased and in rotation. If you purchase 1 to 3 pairs the following warranty will not apply due to overuse and stress associated with daily wear. All testing was performed with seven pairs in rotation to cover each day of the week.  

If you are unhappy with the quality or workmanship for ANY reason within 3 months of your purchase, we will replace the garment or refund your money which ever you choose upon return of the product.

Note: If you own the TLC-X tugging system**, it is possible the rod could puncture  the garment which is not covered under our warranty. We recommend a rubber or plastic cap at the end of the rod which should not interrupt normal strapless operation of the tugger. 
**Any tugger that uses protrusions or rod extensions that would cause harm to the garment over and above normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty.

Care/Washing  Instructions
Hand or machine wash on WARM. Line drying is preferred. Elastic is affected by high temperatures and it will reduce its lifespan.
If you choose to machine dry make sure that you do so on LOW heat.

We recommend using a mesh bag when machine washing to reduce wear and tear and potential damage. Also make sure that these garments are not being laundered with anything that may have velcro as it will ruin the elastic.

All material has been Pre-shrunk for the right fit and to reduce or eliminate shrinkage when laundering. While we cannot rule out additional shrinking of the garment through future wash cycles we have done our best to eliminate this concern.

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